Announcing Flipout! 2.0!


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I am very pleased to announce a major update to Grio’s memory matching game:  Flipout!

Flipout! is a game of luck and skill where you need to match pairs of cards… similar to the game of Concentration.  We throw a few twists at you, however, to add to the challenge.  What if suddenly the cards decided to up and swap themselves?  Can you keep track of entire rows moving as one?  And just when you thought you had a handle on things, one of the cards explodes, scrambling all of the cards around it!

Flipout! is addicting, challenging, and is great exercise for your brain.  We’ve taken the fun and excitement of the original Flipout! and added a couple of new features that will keep fans coming back.  First, we’ve added a new “Sneak Peek” item where you can take a quick look at the entire board (pro tip:  that’s a great way to find where the bombs are!).  And now, the levels go up to 300, so you have even more challenges and crazy combinations of cards trying to foil you.

What’s the highest level you can conquer?  Tell us in the comments!

Flipout! is free to download in the iOS App Store.

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