How the Zigbee Specification is Shaping the Internet of Things


Zigbee is an open source spec for Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) communication that allows Zigbee-certified products to connect and communicate using the same IoT language. Companies that utilize and support Zigbee are part of the Zigbee Alliance. To date, the Zigbee Alliance contains over 500 companies, all of which work together to create and utilize Zigbee in their product design. Some of the most noticeable companies in the Zigbee Alliance include Comcast, Honeywell, IKEA, Legrand, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon.

An Introduction to the Internet of Things


“Smart” technology is quickly emerging in all areas of our lives. From smartphones to smart televisions, refrigerators, watches, and even dog collars, it seems like everything around us is being connected to the internet. This phenomenon is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Examining How Brain Computer Interfaces Will Shape the Future


We are not strangers to the unprecedented ways that new technological devices can reshape society. In the last decade, we have witnessed how things like smart phones and social media have dramatically altered how we, as humans, interact.

One of the major technological advances that will likely continue to shape our human interactions is brain computer interface (BCI) technology. In this post, I am going to delve into the history of the BCI and look at some of the current developments happening in the realm of BCI technology.

Look Ma, No Hands!


While we may not be seeing a DeLorean turned time machine anytime soon, a vehicle with capabilities similar to those of KITT from Knight Rider isn’t so far fetched.

Beacons, iOS and You


Photo of beacon

What are beacons?

a) A tiny piece of plastic.
b) A low energy bluetooth device.
c) An emerging technology with numerous applications.
d) All of the above.

If you guessed all of the above, you would be correct! Beacons are an IoT technology that is deceptively simple and small but packs a potentially large punch for app developers looking for new and interesting ways to engage their customers.

The Internet of Things: Future Trends and UX Considerations


What does the IoT look like in 5, 10, or 25 years?
We’re living in a very exciting time for developments in technology, and there are always new stories of huge funding rounds going to companies bringing us closer to the future we’ve all imagined. Looking at the graphic below we can begin to make some sense of the different forces driving these technologies. Why do certain startups land billion dollar rounds while others slowly emerge out of academic labs? Why do some emerging technologies mature rapidly, while other languish? What differentiates a breakout crowdfunding campaign from a VC darling?

Beacons in Healthcare


Thus far, IoT technology has had a minimal impact on the healthcare, consumer goods, and transportation sectors. Healthcare in particular is rife with opportunities to take advantage of IoT. Of the many classes of connected devices, beacons hold the most promise to have an immediate impact on hospitals and care centers in the coming years.

IoT Today


After January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas there was a great deal of talk about the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). On the whole it was a far cry from the good-natured hype that had characterized previous years’ reporting. There was a new note of caution in the optimism.