How to Build a Killer MVP App, Step 10: Maintain and Enhance Phase- Valuing the Cycle of Continuous Improvement Throughout Your App’s Lifetime


How to Build a Killer MVP App, Step 10: Measure Phase- Determining Your MVP’s Success Using Key Performance Metrics

Over the last 15 years, Grio has collaborated with companies of all sizes to create hundreds of exceptional software solutions. Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to building an app, we’ve discovered that starting your journey with your Minimum Value Product (MVP) is a great way to set yourself up for long-term success. In this blog series, we are taking our hard-won wisdom and sharing Grio’s ten essential steps for building a killer MVP.

Throughout the last ten posts, we have helped you navigate the MVP development process, from initial conception to metric measurements. In our final post of this series, we will look toward the future, examining how maintenance and enhancement can guarantee the success of your MVP for years to come. 

Series Recap

An MVP, or minimal viable product, is a bare-bones version of your app. MVPs allow you to save time and money on development while testing the viability of your product, engaging investors and stakeholders, and going to market sooner. You can read all about the benefits of MVPs in our first post, Grio’s How to Build a Killer MVP: Introduction.

In our previous posts, we have also covered the first nine steps to building a killer MVP:

Below, we introduce Step 10: Maintain and Enhance Phase- Valuing the Cycle of Continuous Improvement Throughout Your App’s Lifetime.

Embracing the Cycle of Continuous Improvements 

This phase really begins at the same time as the Release Phase and should progress in parallel. Once your app is in the hands of users, you will begin receiving their feedback on crashes and problem areas.

In general, it’s important to monitor three main components during this phase: 

User Support

As users encounter errors or bugs within the app, it’s important to have a way for them to provide feedback so you can address the issues. User support systems, such as Zendesk, allow users to provide feedback and provide assistance with your app. 

Monitoring and Maintenance 

You don’t want to just rely on user feedback to understand the functionality of your app. You will also want to monitor the status of your app so that you can fix any issues that may occur and ensure your app continues to work as expected. 

Continually monitoring analytics data for your app can also help you identify user behavior and make informed decisions about how to improve the user experience. 

Luckily, maintaining your app doesn’t need to be a full-time job. You can use system monitoring tools, such as Crashlytics and New Relic, to ensure your app is functioning correctly. 


Once you’ve received the feedback from your users and from your own monitoring efforts, then it’s time to make enhancements. Enhancements are where you incorporate user feedback and add improvements for a better user experience.  

The maintenance and enhancement of your app never ends. Whether fixing bugs, updating for new versions of the OS, supporting new devices, or reprioritizing those user stories that did not make the initial MVP cut list, maintenance and enhancement should be ongoing throughout the lifetime of your app. 

The Grio MVP Blueprint

If you’ve made it through our ten-part series, congratulations!

At this point, whether you’re a startup looking to build your first MVP, or an enterprise building your next product, we understand that the process can be exceptionally daunting, requiring a tremendous amount of work and expertise. But don’t worry, we’ve built hundreds of apps across dozens of industries and we’d love to help you with yours!

If you have any questions, need guidance on anything you’ve read in this series, or want help with something else entirely, you’re welcome to contact us or book a free MVP consultation with our MVP experts. Or, if you’re ready to collaborate and turn your brilliant idea into a killer app, we offer a unique end-to-end MVP design and delivery plan called the Grio MVP Blueprint, which includes:

  • Discovery and design thinking workshops, up to four 2-hour working sessions to define the MVP product
  • Necessary collaboration tools, such as a product glossary, recording of all workshops, miro board, etc.
  • Epics and user stories to describe all the features and functionality of the end product and how they translate to user value
  • Prioritized list of required features
  • Diagram and description of the recommended high-level architecture
  • Plan for the team and other resources required to execute
  • Initial conceptual design for the app
  • Graphical timeline representation from inception to launch
  • And an initial budget based on the MVP’s required features, tech stack, resources, design, timeline, and importantly, your budget.

Let’s build something exceptional together.

Let’s discuss how we can transform your brilliant idea into a killer app.

Book a free MVP consultation with one of our industry experts today.

Learn more about Grio’s end-to-end app design and delivery plan, the MVP Blueprint.

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