Professional Grade Mapping Basics for Developers


We interact with consumer grade mapping products on a regular basis, like when we search for directions on our phones, or when we get bored at work and browse Google Earth to see what our houses look like from space. As mere consumers, we have exceptional mapping software at our disposal – but, have you ever wondered what professional mapping products are capable of? 

What is Mixed Reality?


To understand the answer you must first understand the question… Really we should first take a look at what might be considered the base technologies in the “realities” world. Before the the term, Mixed Reality, came up in what some assume might have been concocted in a marketing meeting we primarily talked about two other technologies.

Developing for Web Accessibility


HTML 5 represented in American Sign Language

When developing websites it is important to consider your audience and how they interact with your application. This can be even more significant for a person with disabilities. Even the most stunning visual presentation can lose its value when the content cannot be interpreted by an individual due to, for example, a learning disability or difficulty seeing. Therefore, it is important, when doing any development or design, we do not dismiss the 1 in 5 people that would benefit on an accessible web.