How Daikin is Bringing HVAC Systems to the Cloud


When you think of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, you probably think of your smartphone and smartwatch. Perhaps you think of the home security app on your phone or the sound system that your Alexa can control. What you probably don’t think about is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your office or hotel. And yet, Grio’s client Daikin is bringing commercial HVAC systems to the cloud. 

Breaking the Status Quo

Standard HVAC systems have a heating system, a cooling system, and ducts to move the air throughout the building. The temperature of your house, office, or commercial building is then controlled by the control panel on the wall. The more modern units also include a basic IoT connection, in which you’re able to control your HVAC unit from an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

But what if your company owns dozens of buildings? What if those buildings are in multiple locations around the world? Until now, companies had to rely on managers at the facility to monitor controls and pay technicians to mobilize to the location whenever issues arose. 

But Daikin saw another option. By creating roof-top units (RTUs) that could connect to existing HVAC systems, they believed that they could collect data from the systems, transmit it to the cloud, and put it in a responsive web application that users could use to remotely update settings and troubleshoot problems from anywhere in the world. 

Introducing the Daikin HERO Cloud

Daikin partnered with Grio to create the Daikin HERO Cloud Services web platform.  The HERO Cloud is a multi-cloud-based, multi-site remote monitoring and controls platform for Daikin equipment and third-party HVAC systems. 

Daikin created the RTUs and relied on Grio to design and develop the intuitive and informative web application. While the app began as a simple system displaying data from one Simple Edge device at a time, it is now a complex platform that allows service technicians and business owners to view innumerable properties around the world. 

“Working with Grio for the past 2.5 years has been nothing short of wonderful. I am always amazed to observe the team taking abstract requirements and transforming them into modern designs and sensible workflows.”

-Michael Daley, Daikin Industries

The HERO Experience for Businesses

Daikin and Grio’s collaboration has led to numerous accomplishments for the Daikin HERO Cloud, including: 

  • Identifying 11 User Groups: Through user testing, we were able to identify 11 key user groups, including building owners, sales representatives, and service technicians.  
  • Incorporating 20+ Features: Each of the 20+ features was designed to specifically meet the needs of all 11 user groups. Some of the most notable features include an intuitive and customizable dashboard, live equipment data visualization, refrigerant flow animations, alarm notifications, an energy management dashboard, and more. 
  • Saving Users Time and Money: Users have more transparency into their energy consumption and a greater understanding of diagnostics and service requirements, saving them both time and money.
  • Receiving a Daikin CEO Award Nomination: In 2023, Daikin HERO Cloud was also nominated for the Daikin CEO Award, which is given to a Daikin product that has made monumental strides in the industry.
  • Starring in HGTV’s Sustainability Series: The HERO Cloud allows users to decrease energy consumption and maximize sustainable use practices. Daikin’s commitment to creating sustainable products was featured on HGTV to celebrate the success of these features. 

Grio and Daikin are continuing to design future versions of the HERO Cloud with more features and ever-improving user experiences.

To find out how Grio can help you turn your innovative idea into the next big software success, book a free MVP consultation with our experts today. 

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