4 Tips to Help You Choose a Software Development Partner


As we all know, technology moves at lightning speed, as soon as you think you’re caught up, the next new i-something has launched. Unless you’re constantly keeping yourself privy of the latest and greatest web, mobile and design technologies, hiring a development firm could be a great alternative to help guide you and your project. Whether you’re working in a startup atmosphere or part of a seasoned corporation, these day’s it’s alway nice to know some software experts just in case. Which brings me to my 4 tips to help you find a great engineering partner.

1. Understand your needs –  And the core technologies of your project. If it is mobile-based, which platform(s); iOS, Android, Windows? Or if web; front-end, back-end, both? Are you flexible with your choice of technology? How far along is your project, and at what point will it hand off to a firm? Answering these key questions will help you establish your basic needs and could save you time and money.

For instance, Grio is a full-service, agile-based shop specializing in web and mobile development with an emphasis on front-end and UX/UI design-based projects. We also provide additional services such as project/product management and quality assurance testing.

Not all firms cover full-stack technologies and services. Some may not practice agile methods and some may emphasize more front-end than back, or perhaps more web than mobile. With that said, keep it mind it is not imperative that you understand every aspect of your project. This is very common for many companies. If desired, a firm can help guide your project’s potential from start to finish.

2. Establish your priorities – What are you looking for in a partner and what are your preferences; company size, locality, speed, culture, quality, budget? Do you favor those who practice agile-based methodologies? You may be able to quickly target your search by narrowing your preferences.

3. Do your research – Thank God for Google! Use it to tailor your needs. You have the power to compare 100’s of shops within seconds. Utilize this by browsing their site portfolios and past clients. Study their preferred project varietals and understand what they are (or aren’t) capable of doing. If you cannot find this information from their website, get in touch with their Business Development or Sales groups for an introduction. This is a free and easy way to grasp their working style and company culture.

4. Weigh your preferences  – Remember, you’re putting your trust and money with these people, so if you have the time, take it. Believe me, it will be worth your while. These days you have access to a plethora of engineering consultants to help you with your project, so keep in mind that you have the upper hand.

Conclusion – Too many times, I’ve consulted with companies (large and small) seeking last minute assistance. More times than not, good firms are backed up months before resources free up. Do yourself a favor and avoid the stress. Establish a couple of hours one week to get intro’ed to a few local shops; at the very least establish going rates. There’s no harm in knowing your options ahead of time. Don’t be that guy (or gal) desperate for help when your project runs amok and your so-called developers have bailed on you.

Have you worked with a software development firm before? Share your tips with us in the comments below. 

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  1. Dirck Adams on said:

    Well written blog. Most of the points are basic considerations before short listing a software development partner. Also check their earlier web development projects and for which clients have they executed such projects. Check with them if they have adequate resources, technical-know and basic infrastructure, and adherence to time for completion of projects; before you actually sign the project.

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