AI and the Future of Jobs


AI is a transformative technology that will fundamentally reshape economies and pose significant challenges for policymakers. In fact, many believe that AI could be the fifth industrial revolution, bringing with it massive changes to nearly every aspect of our society. But, if AI sparks the next industrial revolution, the question then becomes, which jobs will be most at risk in the upcoming years? As a software development agency, how do we at Grio continue to support and protect our employees while embracing the newest technological advancements? 

Kotlin Multiplatform for Cross-Platform Mobile Development


Mobile Cross-platform app development has become an important alternative to traditional native development. With cross-platform app development, developers can design an app once, and then launch it on both Android and iOS simultaneously. It has become especially popular among startups, as it represents a rapid, cost-effective way to reach a wide range of users. 

One of the newest cross-platform frameworks to hit the market is Kotlin Multiplatform. As you can see in the table below from Statista, Kotlin Multiplatform is not among the largest market shareholders. However, while it is still new to the market, I believe it contains promising features that may attract more developers in the upcoming year.