COVID-19 and the Fitness Tech Wave


Virtual fitness is on the rise. Thanks to the lockdowns and social distancing of the last year, gyms have been closed, and many people have had to shift to virtual fitness for their daily workouts. As a result, technology is increasingly finding a permanent place within people’s fitness routines. 

Over the past few years, there has also been a considerable shift in consumer mindsets: gym-goers are more curious than ever before to know more about their overall wellness, which encompasses everything from working out and eating right to mindfulness and sleep quality. 

This post explores how these two variables have come together to create a new virtual fitness movement, and how our fitness equipment is evolving in response.  

Walking a Fine Line with Content Moderation


One of the larger debates in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency revolved around his social media presence and how much he should be allowed to say online. On Twitter, for example, he was given free rein for most of his presidency, tweeting a staggering 12,200 times in 2020. However, in the final months, Twitter began posting warnings with tweets that were factually incorrect, and eventually banned him altogether.  

The progression of Trump’s fall from Twitter has prompted many to question social media platform policies on content moderation. Large social media platforms have revealed the complexity of content moderation, and the ongoing evolution of the field. 

The Design of You: Maximizing Your Inner Tech


When I ask my Grio teammates, “where do you live,” they all give slightly different answers. Some will say “San Francisco” while others say “the Bay Area.” Some say “the United States” while others say “Mexico.” While our answers may all be different, we do have one thing in common: There is only one place we will each live for the rest of our lives. That place is our bodies. 

In this blog, I’ll discuss how our modern lifestyles impact our “inner tech” and look at some of the physical and ergonomic solutions we have to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. 

Next.js 10 Updates and the Pros and Cons of the Virtual Conference Experience


The first Next.js conference was held in October 2020 and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the conference was held virtually. Instead of hotel conference rooms and banquet halls, I attended the conference from the comfort of my home. Like many who attended a conference this year, this was my first experience with an online conference. In this post, I will be talking about both the highlights of the conference itself, as well as the experience of attending a virtual conference in general.

Hacking the Brain: Learning How to Learn in Adulthood


It can be overwhelming to learn a new skill, especially as you reach adulthood. If you want to start a new career, learn a new hobby, play an instrument, or try a new activity, it requires your brain to learn an entirely new way of thinking. In this post, I will explore some ways you can “hack” your brain, helping your old brain learn some new tricks. 

Improving UI Development with Flutter


App development is a field that has undergone rapid progress over the last decade. As new technology enters the field, the preferred tech continues to grow and change. Today, I want to discuss one of the more recent development tools to enter the market: Flutter.

The Wood Wide Web


I am a big fan of metaphors. I believe that there are a lot of complex ideas, in fields like biology, technology, and literature, that are hard to communicate without using metaphors to describe them. Today, I am going to be using an ecological phenomenon I  recently learned about, the mycorrhizal network, to look at the complex connections that we create, and to analyze how we, as individuals, relate to the world around us. My Personal Protection Project


Here in Mexico, we have recently experienced a serious rise in personal security issues. People have been kidnapped in their taxis and rideshares, or have increasingly found themselves in situations where they feel unsafe on the street. I wanted to do something to help so I created, a mobile app designed to help people when they find themselves in dangerous situations.